Sandy Hook: What will it take before we wake up?


gun (Photo credit: grendelkhan)

The day it happened my dh’s truck had malfunctioned.  He had to pick up a load (he is a truck driver) and we were frantically trying to get the repair done before his appointment time.  The only news I could get were right-wing radio shows.  (There is only one talk radio station here)

I have no idea what the rest of the country was hearing, but all I got was a 20-year-old killed 20 kindergarteners, 6 adults, his Mom, then himself …….and ……….. protect our guns “they” are going to try to take them away.  This isn’t about gun control it is about EVIL.

“You can’t stop EVIL all you can do is protect yourself.  We all need to go get guns!”

The longer I listened, the more I heard about the right to bear arms and state militias, etc…

I was horrified and frantic, just like the rest of the nation I imagine.  Then someone said the words I was terrified I would hear:  the shooter may have had AUTISM.  He may have been on MEDICATION for a PERSONALITY DISORDER.

And as this possibility was being readily dismissed as not really what this is about because the socialist are going to try to take away our right to bear arms, my fear turned to PURE ANGER!!!

It is typical.  We aren’t going to ask why.  We never ask why.  We don’t ask doctors why, we don’t as our politicians why, we don’t ask the CDC why.  As a country it is never why, or what the cause is, it is just EVIL.

you want to know what Evil is?  It is not asking why.  We were all taught in school that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it, what about those who don’t know anything?  I can’t imagine any more important questions that needs to be asked.

We are told to take our healthy babies and pump them full of toxins for their benefit and the benefit of society.  don’t question, just do it, it’s the law.

Then when their guts, immune systems, and brains are affected we are given an abundance of drugs to control each undesirable symptom.

We are fed pseudofoods to nourish our bodies and nobody questions. Once upon a time society was horrified by the movie “Soylent Green” but we aren’t really there yet, cause even if our medicine is made from aborted fetuses our crackers aren’t made from dead people.  We aren’t even allowed to know.  Do you know what the argument was for not labeling GMO foods?  Because they are fine and won’t affect health, but if people knew they were GMO they wouldn’t buy them.

So here we are, a nation (a world) of 1 in 88, or 1 in 47, or 1 in 26 (depending upon who you ask ) who do not feel empathy,  who do not have episodic memory (it takes this for fear of consequences to prevent behavior), who are angry for being different and misunderstood, and for whom societies only answer is  psychotropic drugs.

But don’t ask why our children are killing our children.  Just choose your side on the gun issue and VOTE!!!

3 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: What will it take before we wake up?

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