Anti-Fungals and Anti-Bacterials that Work!

Always begin slowly and work up.  Especially when trying something for the first time.
We have listed the maximum dosages we have personally used without negative effects.

GSE- up to 300mg 4 times per day
Caprylic Acid – up to 1200mg 3 times per day
Pau D Arco –  up to 1000mg 3 times per day
Oil of Oregano (OoO) – up to 2 gels 4 times per day
*you can use whatever dose works.

Combination for more stubborn cases:
Yeast Aid – up to 8 caps per day
Candida Clear – up to 4 of these per day

Antifungal Helpers:
Biotin – 5-10 mgs per meal
Candidase- as per the bottle recommendations
Candex- as per the bottle

Goldenseal – 250mgs 3 times per day
Oregon Grape-dosage may vary, follow product guidelines
Uva Ursi-dosage may vary, follow product guidelines

*Culturelle is a probiotic that has been proven effective against Clostridia when dosed at 3 caps per day.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Fungals and Anti-Bacterials that Work!

    • Start with one and just keep using it until it is no longer effective at any dose. Then stop using that one and switch to a different one. Often once you are off a natural antifungal for several months you can go back to it.

    • Like most herbs goldenseal is not dosed by weight. A 14 year old might be on the small side and dosed at 3/4 the adult dose or they may be closer to the size of a standard adult (directions on the bottle). Start slow and work up.

      I gave my 7 year old son 1 capsule (250 mg) twice per day. I take two capsules twice per day when I use it. While many parents have used small amounts of golden seal regularly for long term bactericide, I prefer to use it for a maximum of two weeks at a time (with at least two weeks off before using it again). 😉

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