Does My Child Have Thyroid Issues?

If your child has symptoms of low thyroid it is important to get the appropriate tests. Don’t just ask the Dr to test the thyroid as you WILL get the wrong useless tests and you will have to repeat them.

Check with each person at the lab, from the receptionist to the person who actually does the blood draw that you are getting the FREE T3.

When you get the tests back, look at the TSH, any TSH over 1.5 needs further investigation.  If you treat you should use Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT).  There are several brands some of the more well-known are Armour or naturethroid.

Look next at the FREE T3, no other name is acceptable and if you got the REVERSE T3 or any other name you need to repeat the test.

Look at the LabCorp Pediatric Reference ranges for FREE T3. Your child’s FREE T3 needs to be at least in the top 1/3 of the range to be adequate, no matter what your labs says as many labs use adult reference ranges and children need much higher levels of FREE T3 for
proper brain development.

LabCorp Pediatric Reference Ranges for Free T3 (pg/mL)

Male                      Female

1-5 years                    2.4-6.7                  3.0-6.0

6-10 years                 2.9-6.0                  2.7-6.2

11-15 years                3.1-5.9                  2.6-5.7

16-18 years               3.5-5.7                  2.8-5.2

If either the TSH or FREE T3 is less than adequate  you should try to find a doctor to help you.

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