Does My Child Have Yeast?

The following are some symptoms common to yeast overgrowth.  This list isn’t necessarily complete, and no one will experience all of these symptoms.  It is only intended as a guide.  It is possible to experience only one of the listed symptoms and still benefit from yeast treatment.

  • White patches in the mouth or coating on the tongue

    Breath that smells like bread or alcohol

    Irritability /defiance, meltdowns, tantrums, anger outbursts

    Only eating or craving starches- Intense craving for sweets

    Gas and bloating after meals, or being gassy

    Dark under eye circles

    Tiny red dot rash under arms /groin, sometimes itchy

    Red ring around anus


    Scratching the nether regions, itchy bum

    Itchy inner ears- (some ear infections can be yeast)

    Sinus congestion, phlegm, fluid in the ears, thick saliva in the morning, throat mucus

    Frequent stomach pains or digestive problems

    Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema

    Brain fog (feeling fuzzy headed)

    Hyperness- bouncing off the walls

    OCD behaviors


    Floating/bloated stools, foul smelling stools, gas

    Acting drunk, silly or giddy at inappropriate times

    Increase self stimulation (Itchy genitals)

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