How Our Language Developed

My son began with all scripts and labeling with no functional language.  I mean not even a word for Mom or Milk or toy, nothing.  He would just scream and yell until you figured it out by presenting him with items until you got it right.  Or he would get it himself or he would drag you to where the item was and try to use your body as a tool to get what he wanted (like you might use a stool or can opener).

Then we started chelation and he did start to play with his scripts to change them or alter them to make them funny.

Then he would use the same scripts only appropriately and for comunication.  Around this same time he also began to repeat the same attempt at conversation.  He would walk into a room and introduce himself and ask what is your name.  Then we would answer him but we would change up our responses a bit each time.  I swear he would do this 50 times a day.  He would stop strangers in stores with the same start, but then he would look at you like he was going to say something else but would just turn and leave instead.

From there his ability to have a two way conversation would increase with every round until he was even using w? and started to make small fibs which he found funny.  At this time the conversation would begin with a normal flow but he would get stuck somewhere along the way.  you could see him trying to come up with the word he wanted but he couldn’t and then he would just revert to his scripts.

As we continued to chelate, the length of conversation before he would get stuck would grow.  Then he started to become able to substitute one word for another or a group of words which would convey the same meaning as his lost word.  At this point the scripts pretty well faded away.

Now we have no more scripting.  We also had an autistic sing songy tone for the longest which went away.

3 thoughts on “How Our Language Developed

  1. This fits my son to a T. Wow! We’re at the stage where he can substitute words on scripts to make somewhat meaning conversation. You just gave me so much hope!! God bless!

  2. Tressie, I just wanted to let you know that I REALLY appreciate this post! I read it often for encouragement because I see my son heading in the same path thanks to the amazing knowledge and effort that you and Jan provide to all of us in your yahoo group! Wishing you and yours many more blessings!

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