I have had many friends suggest I should blog and yet I have shied away from it.  I suppose I just never really thought I would have something to say that would be that interesting.  Then I met Autism. As I traveled the road of so many mothers before me, some truely amazing things happened.  Some might call them miracles, but I know they were not born out of anything short of prayer and hard work.  Now I think ‘perhaps I do have something worth sharing with the world’.

My child was diagnosed with low to moderate functioning Autism when he was 2 years old.  It is a frightening thing to consider what the future looks like for most autistic kids.  The vast majority of those diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are never capable of living independantly.  Provided they do not get so violently out of control that you can’t keep them home with you, that is precisely where they will always remain as they lack the skills necessary to cope in a dynamic environment. The thought that I may need to commit my child to an institution was something I simply couldn’t bear.  I am sure you all can relate. Putting your own child into a mental institute, I would imagine, would feel like removing your heart.

That is when I delved headfirst into the world wide web.   I read, researched and sadly, made many mistakes along the way.  Mistakes that cost dearly in both time and money.  Then I happened onto something that would change all of our lives forever.   I found out how I, a mother of 5 at the time, could help my child, without mortgaging everything we owned to the DAN!

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