Die Off?

A simple, diagram labelled in English showing ...

A simple, diagram showing a yeast cell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How long (typically)does it take for natural antifungals (such as GSE) to begin working?

If you are using a high enough dose you should see some response right away. Often in hours. the difficulty in the beginning is knowing to right dose.

You have to take it slowly at first then I ramp up quickly. I hate to cause them unnecessary discomfort, but I also don’t want to go so slow that it takes weeks to get a handle on things.

It really should take but a few days to get a decent control over yeast once you find the right dose. It could take as much as a couple of weeks but there is absolutely no reason for it to take longer than that.

Initially you can get some gas and bloating, I would increase a bit if these were the only symptoms. If you see mushy stools or rash, other definite die off symptoms then you are probably good to hold at that dose.

Yeast isn’t something you treat once then move on.  While Chelating we have to find a maintenance dose to keep it at bay until we have removed enough metals through chelating that the body can control it.  After a very long and arduous battle with yeast we are finally yeast free after 100+ rounds of chelation.

(A post I wrote in 2010 about our past experiences with die off.)

Die off isn’t something to be afraid of, just prepared for. LOL I don’t say this lightly.

I still remember the first time I treated yeast in my kiddo,  I used OLE and GSE and just a few drops of each, he got sick (of course it was the very first time we ever dealt with his yeast and he was full of the stuff). After day three he got sick and I was at home in the middle of the night with a puking, diarrhea having, screaming inconsolable baby with a hurting belly. Biomed was new to me and I was still nervous and I was afraid I had poisoned my baby. I was considering taking him to the emergency room and then I was afraid someone would turn me in for child abuse, it was very frightening. I actually called a mother from one of my yahoo groups at 4:00am (which is unlike me).

I only mention this story because I want you to know that I understand being hesitant and nervous about yeast. The thing you have to realize is that your child will be so much happier when all those toxins aren’t harming his system on a daily basis. Anti-fungals don’t cause any reaction if there is no yeast issue. If there is a yeast problem you need to get it under control for the comfort of your kid.

I would definitely start to control yeast before a round of chelation as moving metals grows yeast. Yeast/die off isn’t to be feared it is to be conquered, lol.

I think most cases of months of die off are either, not really die off or not an aggressive enough approach.

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