Not Another Autism Diet…..uggg

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

But this one is easier than many of them.

We were GFCF for almost 2 years.  We saw such amazing changes when we removed diary it was like he just opened up.  Eye contact and socialization increased night terrors disappeared, he looked so much less “autistic” than before.

The we removed wheat and we weren’t sure if we really saw a difference but we kept both as that is what you should do.

My kiddo was a huge yeast/gut guy.  We were always struggling with keeping things under control.  When we started to chelate it just got harder.  We acclimated to every antifungal we tried after a month or two.  We had to use high doses and give it 4 times per day just to keep going, but we did it and we kept going.  Still I was always afraid that we were going go acclimate to everything and then we’d be out of options and the thought of having to stop chelating terrified me as we were seeing such profound changes in our son.

My son was a huge self limiter.  He only had a handful of foods that he would eat and I couldn’t help but think there must be some connection in his food choices as they were somewhat odd for a child, but I had never heard of cysteine or sulfur foods at this point so I couldn’t find the connection between peanut butter sandwiches, broccoli, and beans (he loved re-fried beans, foul, dahl, etc….).

When I first read the high sulfur food list the connection was immediately clear.  I pulled the high sulfur foods and never needed to do the “challenge” meal as the change was drastic.  The wild, loud, hyper, meltdown, spaced out kid was replaced with a calm reachable boy.  We never again needed uber-doses of antifungal and could manage yeast with normal amounts.  He no longer acclimated to the antifungals and we seldom had to switch.  It was nigh and day.

There is no test for high cysteine so no way to know if going low sulfur is going to be for you without doing a diet trial.  However, I think that the wow we saw after going casein free was related to the GFCF diet being initially low sulfur.

Cysteine is an essential amino acid and is helpful for many body processes so there is a lot written about increasing sulfur in the diet.   Sulfur is a monothiol, meaning that, when there is too much of it, it can attach to heavy metals and “bounce them around” without actually causing them to exit the body. This can create both behavior problems and a lot of yeast.

Andrew Cutler has suggested that a large percentage of children who benefit from the GFCF diet may actually  be benefiting from the low cysteine aspect of the diet.  An opiate or autoimmune reaction to gluten and casein require strict adherence, however, children differ in the amount of sulfur they can tolerate.

For more information on doing a low sulfur diet see:

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