Autism Idioism: “Some kids just grow out of it.”

Subject: Quinn, a boy with autism, and the lin...

Yes I did just make up a word.  Guilty.

But what would you call a commonly expressed statement made about Autism as if it is fact when it is purely fiction and often rude to boot?

Idiom: A form of expression natural to a language, person, or group of people

Ism: A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology.

Idiot: A stupid person.

I am sure you all have a host of unintelligible statements people have made about your child or Autism in general.  I am usually pretty patient with the ignorance but sometimes it just crosses the line.

I was talking to a parent about my sons amazing progress with chelation.  I was explaining that regardless of the politics and double blind peer-reviewed studies doctors need in order to “treat” our children, we as parents can decide if something is helpful based on observation.  That based on the amazing benefits we have seen with chelation it is quite apparent that he had heavy metal poisoning.

That is when another parent felt the need to join the conversation just to tell us about her friend’s child who just grew out if his Autism.  She said that is probably what was happening to my son.  Unbelievable.  What is even more unbelievable is that I have actually had two unrelated people at two separate times make this same suggestion, lol.

Another Autism idioism we hear all the time is that the quiet, quirky kid we sat next to in school was probably Autistic, but they weren’t as good at diagnosing it back then.  (It was actually my son’s pediatrician who said this to me).  One problem with that theory, I do not recall that quirky kid ever flipping out, screaming, throwing things, then hitting, scratching, and biting any teacher who tired to contain him just because someone moved his eraser.  Thanks to chelation we no longer see these total meltdowns, but they were so much a part of our daily lives I can not imagine someone suggesting my son could have ever gone undiagnosed.  No, that quirky kid did not look anything like my son.

Do any of you have Autism Idioisms you’d like to share?



5 thoughts on “Autism Idioism: “Some kids just grow out of it.”

  1. “Your kid doesn’t seem autistic. They’re diagnosing everyone with autism these days. You’ve probably never seen a REAL autistic kid.” Yup… this happened to me just two weeks ago, by two women who have never interacted with my son… By two women who haven’t been through two and a half intense years working their behinds off to recover a child. These are very nice, well-meaning, women… They just have NO clue! Thanks for this! xoxoxo 🙂

    • LOL, absolutely Kristina. That is one of the ones that urks me the worst. I am searching out our diagnosis paperwork to I can upload some of it to the site (identity blocked out of course). We started hitting 11 out of the 12 diagnostic criteria. I wasn’t making it up. and who would do that anyway? maybe a Munchhausen by proxy Mom? Yeah, I bet there are tons of those. OMG! Frightening thought…, that will be the next ‘reason’ given for the rise of Autism rates.

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