Chalkboard Campaign

This is an amazing vaccine awareness video from Rebecca F. of Regarding Caroline. Share it with anyone out there you know is interested in the vaccine debate.  After you watch the video go to The Chalkboard Campaign for one of the best most credible presentations of vaccine awareness information I have ever come across.  She has compiled a wonderful bunch of research and coupled it with a beautiful presentation.

2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Campaign

  1. these are some very tough decisions to make – there is no doubt about that.There are diefnetily kids who have improved tremendously from the “biomedical” approach. Others have seen no improvement at all. We’re somewhere in between, but we have diefnetily seen improvement w/ diet, supplements, and chelation.My advice, to all who will listen 😉 …Before you try any diet or supplements, have your child tested for allergies and toxins. If you can, find a DAN doctor that has good references. If not, you can order most of the lab tests yourself. It turns out our son had very high levels of lead and above-average levels of mercury, as well as a few severe food allergies.But, if your child has no food allergies or no high levels of toxins, it’s diefnetily better to know that from the testing rather than radically altering his lifestyle for nothing.

  2. I know what you mean. This is so much responsibility. What to do? How far to go with thngis? How are we to know? I guess it comes down to you do what you can! Plain and simple.I read your post last night and it plagued my sleep. I spent all day trying to piece together my thoughts. Unfortunately, it came out very lengthy. If you have the patience please visit my blog.I understand your concerns and how overwhelming it is. I decided last night that I should share our story so that there might be a few “meek and mild” voices out there in the midst of all the passionate rants. I have avoided the biomed talk because it almost always brings out the nasties in everyone. Of course, not all of our peers who are exploring biomedicals are experiencing the same gains. And we all know that what works for one child may not work for another. But we have dealt with everything from supplements all the way to chelation. JP has made amazing progress. Now I also need to add that we have been doing a verbal behavior program and LOTS of other thngis. However, I know that the biomedicals have been an integral part for him. I regret that the only people out there talking about biomedicals tends to be the radicals. And the radicals (on both sides) tend to chase the rest of us away. Anyway, for my 2cents visit my blog.

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