Open Sesame……. or rather beware of Sesame Sticks?

Dry sesame seeds

Well, I was just typing up a draft of a post I was going to call Finding the Autism or Searching for Autism or some such thing, all about our search for some measurable way to continue to watch him improve.

I may still post it at some point because it is about theory of mind tests and may contain some points of interest for some of you, but…….


Our search for the elusive autism came to a standstill today.

My powers of observation seem to be getting a little soft.  Sunday afternoon he was simply not himself.  Very over emotional, and whiny.  He was over reacting to almost everything.  I can’t call them meltdowns precisely as they wasn’t that severe, but I just kept thinking… What in the world was going on.  It has been many months since we’ve seen anything like this.

Adrenal?  No he got all his adrenals

Thyroid?  no he’s been getting that.  In fact I have considered retesting to see if he is ready for a decrease.

Yeast?  maybe…. it might be back… we are on round.  Hmmm,  but he isn’t hyper exactly…. hmmm

OMG its the sesame.

We picked up some lovely sesame sticks from the health foods store.  I thought these would be better than chips and personally I think they taste great.

My son thought they tasted great too, and he “enjoyed” quite a few of them.

Remember my Diet and Autism post about the low sulfur diet and how we don’t need it anymore?  Well…. we may not need to be low sulfur but perhaps a cup of sesame seeds was a little over kill.

Of course I didn’t come to this realization until almost bedtime.  I used to be a little faster on the draw.  Perhaps not having to be on the edge of my seat to figure out what supp I needed to toss at him has made me a little too comfortable.

Having finally put two and two together, I gave some OoO.  He was still a bit off yesterday (Monday), but he is back to his normal self today.  I imagine I will need to watch him for an increase in his “desire” for sulfur foods again now that he has been reminded how much he loves them, lol.  Or maybe he’ll just want sesame sticks.

Once upon a time his self-limiting was so bad that he only ate about 5 or so foods.  Those were dark

times.  But it just goes to show, while we are doing wonderfully over all, it isn’t time to relax completely just yet.

Whew… glad Sunday is only a memory.

3 thoughts on “Open Sesame……. or rather beware of Sesame Sticks?

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    • That is true Christina. Although we never had an oxalate problem. After reading that you should give vitamin C to bowel tolerance I think I got my kiddo up to around 8000 mg without any negatives. Eventually I decided to go back down to reasonable doses and now we only give 1000-2000 mg per day (in divided doses).

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