What Herd Immunity Really Means

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I woke up one morning to a news piece on the measles outbreak at a Texas church whose preacher had the audacity to question vaccines.  Apparently there is a huge out break of this devastating disease which is making so many people sick.  Even a 4 month old baby got the disease!!!  Now the church has retracted its view and it is holding vaccine clinics in the church to urge members to get vaccinated.  Good for them. Right?


So now we must get ready for the great herd immunity debate to take place.  My facebook news feed is being inundated with accusations that the unvaxed children are putting the rest of the population at risk.  Normally, I can take these things in stride, as this is a debate of opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  That is part of what it means to have freedom of speech in this country.  Today, however, I do not feel so light-hearted and easy to accept the opinions of others.  Why you might ask?


Because I can see the storm churning in the distance.  I see the politics at play here.  This isn’t about opinion anymore.  This is about basic human rights.  Measles is being likened to small pox as if my unvaxed child is going to cause the downfall of the world.  This make me and him a menace to society.  It seems people listen to these news shows and they swallow all the emotional brainwashing hook line and sinker.  Reasonable people in most spheres of their lives are being convinced with the rhetoric of corporate greed.


I want to give fair warning here, because I am not sure I will be able to control myself if one of these people tried to speak to me in person about the importance of herd immunity.  In my current state I think I might just slap the first person who makes it their duty to educate me.  My child was mercury poisoned.  My child, in fact my entire family, has worked tirelessly to bring my child back from the cocoon created bt his inability to clear heavy metals and other toxins from his system.  Injecting toxins into my child means we will have to begin this process all over again and the past 6 years of hard work will be gone.  With an assault of this type on his system he may very well not ever recover.  Never be able to get a job, to have a family, to stand on his own two feet, or to take care of himself after I die.  Vaccinating my child is the same as murdering his future.  And I will let you in on a little secret:


To me, your child is not worth more than mine.  I refuse to willingly sacrifice my child so that your child doesn’t have to spend a couple weeks in discomfort.


Lets look at the numbers:


Number of deaths from measles prior to the vaccine: Out of the 3-4 million people per year who got measles only about 450 people died (all people, not just children).


Number of deaths from proper use of Rx medications:  100,000 people die each year from properly prescribed medications.


Number os deaths from car accidents: about 35,000 people die each year in car accidents


Number of children who will be diagnosed with autism this year:  With current rate of Autism in this country, approximately 45,000 children born EVERY YEAR will be diagnosed with Autism.  Approximately 662,500 children will be diagnosed with a learning delay EVERY YEAR.  These numbers do not take into account the rise in the rates of Autism each year, so these numbers are actually conservative.


Society has a lot of serious issue to worry about, but measles is not one if them.


I say true herd immunity is only gained by allowing our children to get childhood illnesses:






So you still expect t me to vaccinate my child to save yours?  I say the vaccine doesn’t protect any child from the measles.




I say that if you vaccinate your child, you are putting the rest of society at risk for much worse diseases, and you are causing a strain on the economy because of the increased medical care your unhealthy child will require.






I am sure many people will be offended by my stance on the vaccine issue, and by the fact that I have the audacity to blame the parents of vaccinated children for destroying herd immunity, causing the spread of disease, and harming the US economy.




13 thoughts on “What Herd Immunity Really Means

  1. Great article! I think there is a lot of confusion about what herd immunity is or means when it’s not been proven to exist with vaccinations. Only with wild born naturally caught viruses. If you believe that vaccinations work the problem is they do wear off and are not life long immunity which leave holes in this theory. Not to mention the autoimmunity they cause.

    More on the “herd immunity” argument: http://whale.to/a/herd.html

    There are just so many toxic ingredients in vaccines that it’s hard to justify them when the school nurses calls to tell you that there is a chicken pox outbreak and the children who have it actually had a chicken pox vaccine. That really shows that the concept that unvaccinated children spread disease is entirely false.

    The difficulty is that most people are not awake and that realization only happens when it’s too late. It’s easy to cling to the vaccination theory until and unless it’s your child that’s damaged. That’s a real eye opener. Those in doubt, read the package inserts for the vaccinations which are written by the companies that make them. They clearly outline the risks. Take those and weigh them against life long immunity to measles which used to be contracted in early childhood when it was fairly benign. Measles is treatable with vitamin A. But shh… they can’t sell you a vaccine if you know that. They’d much rather destroy your child’s gut with a measles vaccine that contains human fetal cells than have a child get a rash for a few days and take some vitamin A.

    As for a polio vaccine google SV40 contamination which has given the baby boomers epic cancer rates. When they allow animal viruses in our vaccine supply…without any known safety or long term repercussions……that’s a gamble a lot of people aren’t willing to take.

  2. Without trying to represent a “side” on this issue, I feel the need to pose a question about what I feel is an apparent inconsistency in one major leg of your argument. It’s not so much that I disagree with the statement, rather I feel I am altogether unable to agree because the statement makes no logical sense to me. The claim I take issue with is that vaccinations somehow damage herd immunity, because such immunity only comes from allowing children to get ill. Upon the faintest bit of scrutiny, this statement falls entirely apart for me, regardless of one’s beliefs about the effectiveness of vaccinations. For example, if you believe vaccination does not work and does not prevent a child from contracting an illness, then there is no issue in regards to the “herd”; the vaccinated child is still susceptible to natural illness and it’s accompanying immunity just as if they were not vaccinated. On the contrary, if you believe vaccination does immunize the child and they will not contract the illness, then indeed they are immune and cannot affect others! Accordingly, any position between these two extremes that one might take on vaccination inevitably leads to the same conclusion. Whether it be that vaccinations are only partially effective, inconsistent, or temporary, any immunity or resistance provided by a vaccine over any period of time helps prevent contraction of the illness during that period, and should that resistance fail or the period of resistance expire then their susceptibility to natural illness and gained immunity is not compromised thereafter. The only concern one may then have is in the circumstance that wide-scale vaccination is extremely effective in preventing an illness from taking root in a population, thereby leaving the minority of non-vaccinated children with limited means of contracting natural infections in order to strengthen their immune system against greater potential infections in the future. In such a circumstance, the most practical solution would generally be to simply then vaccinate the child. In the non-general cases where vaccination is not possible or undesirable, then indeed those few children would fall victim to greater susceptibility of contracting debilitating infections. However, in the alternative scenario in which no children receive vaccinations and everyone is exposed to an inevitable natural infection, then likely a similar, if not far greater, minority would suffer as a result of the natural full-scale infections that would have otherwise been prevented. I’m not trying to make an argument for vaccinations here, I’m just suggesting that this particular facet of an argument against them may be heavily flawed. All this being said however, one must of course keep in mind that all vaccination arguments are subject to wildly different criteria depending on the specific infectious agent in question and the chosen methodology of vaccination, for none of these things are created equal. It can be very dangerous to take a hardline stance on routine vaccinations in any broad, general sense, for just as surely as some currently administered (or even recommend) vaccines may be suspect if not spurious, there are others that are absolutely critical. I would hope that every family might choose to evaluate vaccinations for themselves on a case-by-case basis, utilizing highly-specific and thorough research for each individual pathogen and it’s variant vaccines, rather than purely relying on sweeping arguments and conclusions derived from a synthesis of several distinct and highly variable vaccine studies and statistics.

    • Actually Pierce vaccines have an impact on the immune system which lowers generalized immunity in favor of temporary specialized immunity increasing the overall societal susceptibility to disease. The temporary aspect of the immunity then leaves adults more vulnerable to the disease, when they are also more severely affected by these diseases. Having altered their general immune system you increase the risk that they will succumb to the “complications” of the disease causing a greater probability of issues when they finally do contract it. If you follow the links I posted you might better understand the meaning behind my statements. I am using a double meaning referring to herd immunity as societies ability to withstand other illness/ diseases due to the fact that a large population was exposed to the childhood illnesses and created the natural immunity, which may be protective against things we are only now finding out about. EX: Emerging research is showing some of these viruses protect against and even cure some cancers. We do know that some cancer is caused by viruses. What I am saying is that we may find out that in our short shortsightedness we are destroying real herd immunity against things much harder to contain or treat than measles or chickenpox.

  3. ” In my current state I think I might just slap the first person who makes it their duty to educate me.”

    it’s you that is being irrational

    the reason people can’t educate you is because you would rather cling to your beliefs no matter what facts are presented that contradict them

    • I think I was very clear that my mind state at the point of writing this article was rooted in emotion. Those who know mw well understand fully how capable I am at altering my beliefs when presented with facts. So show me the proof that injecting poisons into my child will make him healthier and we’ll talk.

  4. ” It seems people listen to these news shows and they swallow all the emotional brainwashing hook line and sinker. ”

    ROFL … are you talking about yourself?

  5. you mention Autism … you totally lose credibility by even raising that debunked myth – the guy that started that fabricated his ‘evidence’ for personal gain ($$$$)

    • Skeptic, the actual myth here is two fold. The first is that Wakefield started the vaccine debate, he did not. Where do you think he got the idea to study it? Parents who choose not to vaccinate do not do so based on one study by one Doctor. The second myth is that Wakefield was proven wrong. Actually what is much less televised but not hard to find if you search the web is that Wakefield was exonerated. His findings have been repeated by other more well funded studies and vaccine courts have ruled in favor of a connection between the MMR and Autism in several cases since 2012 both in the US and in Italy.

  6. how many logical fallacies are you going to use next time? – Let’s bring back the fun days of polio and the iron lung.

    • Polio isn’t gone it has just been reclassified and complications from polio became far more common after they started mass vaccinations for it. But I am sure those dying from cancer caused by SV40 are grateful they didn’t get sick for a couple of weeks when they were kids. Chickenpox vaccine is still young enough you can watch the demonetization of this disease unfold in front of you, perhaps you are old enough to remember how scared everyone wasn’t of catching it.

      • Yes, chicken pox is no big deal. I wish pedi hadn’t pressured me into giving it to kids. Kids were much healthier generations ago before vaccines. Kids would be encouraged to get the disease through pox parties and a week later after they recovered, they would have life long immunity. These childhood diseases were a right of passage and a healthy well nourished child would have no trouble overcoming them but back then the vaccine companies did not make make nearly as much money as they do now.

  7. Love this article, exactly how I feel about “your” child not being more important than mine. I will add as well, that the risk of death for my child (as documented as a low risk but did occur with some children) IS more concerning to me then the risk of illness (or dare I say death by chickenpox (very rare)) of your child. My point being, all mothers need to be aware of the risks and I will no longer put my children at risk of death or damage to spare another child. Honestly, I think most mothers would say they would not risk the life of their own child to spare ANY other child. Sorry, call me protective or mean, but I choose my child.

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