Andrew Hall Cutler’s Legacy of Healing

andyandkidAndrew Hall Cutler 1956-2017

What do you do when someone passes away who meant so much to you? A beloved teacher and mentor, and yet more than that, because his knowledge, time, and efforts were instrumental in you and/or your child’s ability to function?

The pillars of support have fallen and you feel the weight of his legacy on your shoulders, but you know you must push forward and carry on.  Just as he devoted so much of himself for the sake of others so shall you carry the torch and keep the fire lighting the path to wellness.

Your only comfort is the knowledge that you are not alone.  In the ACC world, there is no shortage of people devoting their time and energy to help others.  Selfless people who have taken as their model a teacher with the same quality.

So now we pause as the community mourns together. But tomorrow we are back to work not allowing the seeds he has sown to blow away in the wind.  No! They will continue to be nurtured and the roots will develop deeper and stronger and a new plant will sprout and this grass roots movement will continue. How do I know that?

Because it MUST!

The lives and futures of so many people depend on it.  Andy spent years devoted to revealing the truth and truth will always find a way.  We will help it, passing it along to anyone who will listen.

So while we no longer have Andy to shoot an email to, we have his books, his words, his wisdom to draw from.  We have an amazing group of administrators and moderators at ACCSG and FAW Detoxing Kids. And we have new books coming out and new projects that were started under his guidance that will be finished.

If you read something from some conspiracy site focusing on the circumstances of Andy’s death, know those people did not know him and they have no insight to his legacy.  They are only trying to gain notoriety for themselves on the back of a tragedy.

I spoke to Andy’s girlfriend on the phone today and she made two things crystal clear to me.

One: that she is as determined as Andy was to continue spreading his knowledge and keeping the books available (albeit with some small delay for regrouping).

Two: that the opportunistic conspiracy theorists can “Go eat dead bugs”.

Following are some words of wisdom from our tireless leader:

Andrew Hall Cutler Why am I supposed to tell you that every opinionated idiot in the world is an idiot? Why not just figure it out for yourself?

Andrew Hall Cutler The most polite and ethical explanation is ignorance. It goes downhill from there.

Andrew Hall Cutler I don’t even read drivel like this. I buy salt at the store. It’s fine. You can get it without the caking agent (aluminum containing) if you want, I usually do but then it cakes ;-), funny how that happens, and I have to smash it up every so often.

Andrew Hall Cutler Ummm… yes, …… Though I must say the ones who proclaim themselves to think the most loudly are the least likely to be doing so. Thinking, of course, carries the inherent risk of changing one’s mind. Whether to argue with an open mind has been the subject of debate since Sophocles and Socrates went at it.

Andrew Hall Cutler Why are you tormenting yourself and finding excuses to engage in self-injurious behavior by obsessively searching the web for things you don’t understand? It’s clear from trying to find the website that originated that quote that it’s being parroted back and forth between quacks and charlatans who don’t really have anything original to say.

Andrew Hall Cutler True. Nobody bothers to trash stuff that doesn’t work. E. g. this is how you can tell the MD world actually DOES know vaccines cause autism. Hundreds of papers pretending vaccines don’t cause autism. Almost no papers looking into whether there is a new infectious agent or new industrial chemical that is causing it – there’s no need to research those, the MD world is completely aware of the actual cause.

Andrew Hall Cutler If someone wants to pose a well-phrased question, I might have an answer. For contaminants that always includes the nature or identity of the suspected contaminant, and if possible concentration or amount.

Andrew Hall Cutler You WILL find websites (incorrectly) claiming that just about anything you want to take is bad for you if you make any reasonable effort to look for them. That’s just the nature of the internet.

Andrew Hall Cutler I do very much appreciate how the discovery that some authority figures are lying through their teeth makes you reasonably want to question everything.

Andrew Hall Cutler I’ll bet you dollars to donuts chelation is the cure doctors don’t want to admit exists. Saying this ( Neuromyelitis) and MS are different is like diagnosing a cold as 2 different diseases depending on whether snot comes out of the right or left nostril first.

Andrew Hall Cutler Once you see something as psychotically delusional as that statement, you can stop reading and forget everything you saw on that website.

Andrew Hall Cutler …….. you are doing something called ‘reasoning.’ It became popular several hundred years ago, leading to the historical change from the ‘dark ages’ to the ‘age of reason.’ Physicians never made the transition. Reasoning is not used in medicine, and in keeping with the origin of the medical guild under the Catholic Church wherein aspiring doctors obtained a theology degree but were not ordained and then turned loose to figure out what to do with sick people, those who engage in reasoning are burned at the stake. Nowadays their licenses are figuratively burned at the stake, their bodies are not literally burned at the stake, so there is SOME progress. But it has not yet extended to reasoning replacing prejudice and emotion in medical dogma.

Andrew Hall Cutler “unproven and can be harmful” Tell them wearing clothes is unproven and can be harmful and you expect them to stop immediately! Ask them to go find a double blind crossover trial of clothes versus nudity before they talk to you again. People get strangled by their clothes, get rashes from it, get burned by it catching on fire, trip on it and fall, etc. all the time. Clothing is obviously dangerous! They should produce some evidence of enhanced health before wearing it. After all, the closest available study is when zookeepers checked on the health histories of animals in cold climates but from warm ones that were either let outside during the winter (e. g. in Toronto) or kept in climate controlled habitats. The critters that got to experience the weather were healthier. This suggests your relatives should all start going naked right away!

Andrew Hall Cutler To answer the head post, “what’s the best way to give back?” I’ll give part of an answer here. It’s actually a complicated question.

One very obvious part of the answer: Tressie and Jan, as well as myself, have put a LOT of time into writing good books that are packed with the information you need. These are far cheaper than anything you’re going to do with a doctor involved. They cost no more than a few bottles of pills. You COULD actually buy them instead of asking us to recite their contents time after time!

Then, of course, you could read them, use them as reference books, and search this list and Onibasu before asking us questions.

When you do ask questions, please provide lots of detail. Spell everything out. Don’t make us spend 20 questions and 2 hours to get enough information to say something sensible.

I’ll demonstrate I’m not all that good a businessman here by saying that OF COURSE Tressie, Jan and I appreciate it if you promote our books and tell people to buy them. However, most of the people will think you’re nuts so you might not want to do it all the time. Also, it seldom does much good to get the books for someone – they’re much more likely to read it if they spent the money than if it was a gift.

I’d love it if you all advocate effectively against the vaccine holocaust and the licensed doctor scam. Different people will think that means different things, I’m not going to discuss it so as to not stir up the list or annoy potential book buyers.

I’m sure others can think of a million other things. On occasion, I may make a request of the list for people who can help with X, Y or Z. Obviously, if you truly can help that’s one time you can return me a favor.

Andrew Hall Cutler ND is like MD, DO, DC, etc. A fraud based scam and a liberal art. The idea that taking people unqualified by background to understand their coursework, having them teach the next set, etc. and indoctrinate them with politically correct drivel then punish the ones who don’t go along with it will lead to progress is insane. Licensure started to prevent women and blacks from being doctors. This is well established in the legislative record. This leads to the arrogance mentioned, and the ability to exclude competent competition. It also allows doctors who criticize the profession to be punished. Dr. Wakefield being a great example of this.

Of course, being incompetent it is quite frightening to race the risk of having to stop doing something they were trained to do and figure out what else to do instead. And due to the trade union like nature of the AMA, doctors have to run up BIG student loans to get to be licensed so they need BIG incomes once they do get into practice or they’re going to be in big trouble. Do note, student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy.

This is all only slightly less coercive than the Catholic Inquisition was in making sure people “keep the faith.” What doctor wants his license very expensively burned at the stake? They’d rather keep feeding at the trough.

But it sits like a bug in my craw that they don’t take injury seriously, nor administering IV, nor their dangerous chelation methods. They just avoid it on you (because you’re “sensitive)” but keep on doing it to everyone else. They won’t read the book; they don’t want to learn what they don’t want to learn. They don’t want to be smarter than the average bear. And come on, the bar is not that high. Somebody already did the work for them.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Hall Cutler’s Legacy of Healing

  1. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading his quotes. He was the sort of man that did not b.s you. He’d lay it all out there exactly as it was! We will miss him for sure. We will carry on his legacy! No doubt about that.

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