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  1. Kihn
    Kihn2 years ago

    Yo y'all, help a bro out. Who's the nurse jacking the dude?

  2. Migis2 years ago

    watching season 2 of GOT. Am I wrong for actually liking Varys? Also, Brienne is awesome

  3. Feramar2 years ago

    by what right? Its a societal convention--societal conventions can change, and their is no reason to conform to it.

  4. Murisar2 years ago

    No, it isn't in any way. It's by far the dumbest comparison anyone can make. The US issues a drone strike to kill the enemy of it's state and collaterally kill innocents, it's absolutely wrong and should never happen. However, Kashoggi was killed on the behalf of one man because of him speaking out against his action, not because they were an enemy to the entirety. Not to mention Kashoggi was guaranteed safety while getting papers to marry his fiance, you are using known terrorists or believed terrorists as a comparison.

  5. Yozshunris2 years ago

    You're so nice and hot <3 like youre pics bby girl mmm

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