Islam and Autism

Ramadhan Mubarak!  May this month bring you blessings, remove your sins, and raise your emaan.  Ameen

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Make use of medical treatment, for Allah (SWT) did not appoint a disease without assigning a remedy for it, with the exception of the disease of old age.” 

As Salaam Alaikum,

Do you think besides the chelation, we should have faith that it is God’s divine hands that will play a part in children’s healing?

(from a sister who will remain anonymous)

Wa Alaikum Salaam Dear Sister,

May Allah strengthen your Iman and expiate many sins for you through your patience in helping your dd, Ameen.
I know where you are coming from.  This is a test and we must have patients with the Qadr of Allah in our children’s  condition, but Allah does not ever tell us not to go after cure.  We are truly blessed that we have been given Islam.  We know that Allah is the only cure.  Not DMSA, ALA, supplements, nor thyroid will cure our children except by the will of Allah.  But where we are given permissibly to search for a cure or a treatment we can take those things as gifts from Allah.
We give the supplements or the medicine and Allah cures.  Sister this life is short, and I now Autism as a blessing because it will not keep our children  out of Jennah.  Some people have children who go astray and leave the religion and turn back on Allah and this is truly tragic.  Think of Noah asking Allah for his son, and Allah telling him he is not part of your family because he doesn’t believe.  What ever Autism is, it is better than many things that could happen to us or to them.
We have had Ruqyah said over my son, and we pray, Insha’allah because I believe we must do everything we can.
Fi Amaan Illah

6 thoughts on “Islam and Autism

  1. I am a behavior therapist. My work is providing therapy mostly to autistic children. Through my work, I have come to realize that autism is essentially jinn possession. Every case that I handle confirms my belief. Only extensive ruqyah with Allah’s will can cure autism

    • This is untrue. My son is autistic and I took him for ruqya. I also linked autism with possession then. He did not react he had no jinn possession. Instead it was found that I was possessed and instead I had ruqya performed on myself. Alhumdulilah I was cured by the words of Allah swt and the sunnah. I was also told by the raqi that children are rarely possessed as they are masoom. Some children can see jinn and they can scare children or hit them but that’s it. I knew my son could see the jinn and it must have hit him as I saw smack marks on his back one night but he was not possessed alhumdulilah.

    • Salam Saima I read your post and I wanted to get in touch with you regarding my 20 months old son who I think could be autistic. He’s restless all the time even when sitting down or settling down in bed ready to fall asleep any minute. He isn’t talking yet and rarely makes eye contact. I’m still in the process of getting him evaluated by pedreatians. But I do know there’s something not right and it could be corrected. Is there a ruqya for that?

    • Could you explain more? This is quite a statement to make so it is important to atleast give more insight on how you come to find or claim the possession of jinn in a child with autism. There are so many desperate families wanting to help their children and they are doing the best they can, so reading a statement like that could be scary. Please explain a refer or advice the parents of autistic children … Jazzakullah khairen

    • With all due respect it is a disservice to parents and children to assume that all ASD children are possessed by Jinn. We did Ruqya for my son and certainly it had an effect for him and he was better after that, Al Hamdulillah, but he was not cured of his Autism. We should always trust in Allah and know that we give medicine but the cure is from Him. We should not go back to the dark ages of thinking that every mental illness or seizure is Jinn possession. If every case of seizures or mental disorder was Jinn Possesion the Prophet Muhammed (saws) would have ordered Ruqya for all of them and yet he did not. There are two famous Hadith which can be referred to for guidance here:

      It is narrated on the authority of Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) that a woman, somewhat mentally defected, said, ” O Messenger of Allah! I have a need that I want you to meet. He responded, “O mother of so and so, choose the way you like to walk in so that I may know your need and meet it.” He walked with her in some route until she had her need fulfilled (Muslim).

      A woman, who would usually have epileptic fits, came to the Prophet and said, “I do have epileptic fits that, as a result, cause parts of my body to be revealed. So, pray to Allah for me.” To this came the reply of the Prophet, “If you will, be patient and Paradise will be your reward. And if you will, I shall supplicate Allah to cure you.” She said, “I choose patience.” Then she said, “But parts of my body to be revealed, so pray to Allah that this will not happen.” And the Prophet prayed for her. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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