Autism Idioism: “Some kids just grow out of it.”

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Yes I did just make up a word.  Guilty.

But what would you call a commonly expressed statement made about Autism as if it is fact when it is purely fiction and often rude to boot?

Idiom: A form of expression natural to a language, person, or group of people

Ism: A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology.

Idiot: A stupid person.

I am sure you all have a host of unintelligible statements people have made about your child or Autism in general.  I am usually pretty patient with the ignorance but sometimes it just crosses the line.

I was talking to a parent about my sons amazing progress with chelation.  I was explaining that regardless of the politics and double blind peer-reviewed studies doctors need in order to “treat” our children, we as parents can decide if something is helpful based on observation.  That based on the amazing benefits we have seen with chelation it is quite apparent that he had heavy metal poisoning.

That is when another parent felt the need to join the conversation just to tell us about her friend’s child who just grew out if his Autism.  She said that is probably what was happening to my son.  Unbelievable.  What is even more unbelievable is that I have actually had two unrelated people at two separate times make this same suggestion, lol.

Another Autism idioism we hear all the time is that the quiet, quirky kid we sat next to in school was probably Autistic, but they weren’t as good at diagnosing it back then.  (It was actually my son’s pediatrician who said this to me).  One problem with that theory, I do not recall that quirky kid ever flipping out, screaming, throwing things, then hitting, scratching, and biting any teacher who tired to contain him just because someone moved his eraser.  Thanks to chelation we no longer see these total meltdowns, but they were so much a part of our daily lives I can not imagine someone suggesting my son could have ever gone undiagnosed.  No, that quirky kid did not look anything like my son.

Do any of you have Autism Idioisms you’d like to share?



2011 Study: Disease comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

The chart below illustrates the results of a 2011 German study comparing the disease prevalence between 8000 vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It is a pretty shocking visual.


Follow the link below to participate in an ongoing study comparing the disease prevalence in vaccinated vs vaccination children.

I have to fix this, me and only me

Like I said in another post,  I found his autism by searching the web for a friend.  So now what?

Well the search was on, the hours and days of reading and research.  It was consuming me.  I had to find the answer.  Of course my dh was in complete denial.  Like most fathers he didn’t want to hear it.  (He is completely on board now, but this was in the beginning).

I couldn’t eat, barely slept.  I was running on adrenaline.  I was making appointments trying to get him into ABA therapy (getting on waiting lists),  searching biomed sites, joining yahoo groups.

It is so hard to understand biomed from disconnected posts on yahoo.  I went to the library, checked out books etc…

I didn’t even give myself time to let it sink in.  As usual I went straight from: we have a problem…. to… find the solution.  There was no time to mourn for the lost future.  There was no time to breathe.

And I was alone.  There was no doctor to help.  I had no friends who had been there before.  No family members to tell me to slow down (I do not live in the same state as my family they are many miles from us).  Just the weight of my child’s future on my shoulders.  All I felt was urgency, I wouldn’t even let the fear in.  My baby had fallen off the edge of a cliff and I had to find a way to catch him before he hit the ground.  I was a robot running on coffee and determination.  And the stress was about to devour me.

(to be continued)


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CEHC develops list of ten chemicals that contribute to autism, learning disabilities | The Autism News

Reports of autism cases per 1,000 children gre...

Reports of autism cases per 1,000 children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Current science recognizes the fallacy in the theory of macro-evolution.  You will not find it touted as fact in academic circles the way you do in public primary schools and even in the media.

Similarly science is finding the connection between Autism Spectrum Disorders  (and other developmental delays) and environmental assaults like heavy metals.  The debate connecting heavy metal toxicity and Autism is ongoing, not because of lack of research, but because of politics.

Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) at Mount Sinai School of Medicine developed the list of ten chemicals found in consumer products that are suspected to contribute to autism and learning disabilities to guide a research strategy to discover potentially preventable environmental causes. The top ten chemicals are:




4.Organophosphate pesticides

5.Organochlorine pesticides

6.Endocrine disruptors

7.Automotive exhaust

8.Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

9.Brominated flame retardants

10.Perfluorinated compounds

via CEHC develops list of ten chemicals that contribute to autism, learning disabilities | The Autism News.

Battelle Scientists Identify Potential Early Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder

synthesis equation for porphyrins

synthesis equation for porphyrins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Battelle Scientists Identify Potential Early Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is most interesting to me about this article is that porphyrins are also used to diagnose heavy metal toxicity.

Urinary porphyrins testing is a medically recognized way to test for mercury.  There are specific porphyrinsthat spill for mercuryand specific ones that spill for lead.

  • Precoproporphyrin = mercury toxicity. You will not have any levels of Preco unless you have been exposed to mercury.
  • Precoproporphyrin/Uroporphyrin ratio >2 = mercury toxicity
  • Coproporphyrin elevated compared to % Precoproporhyrin  elevation = another metal present like arsenic or lead
  • Elevated Precoproporhyrin/Uroporphyrin = means mercury is the dominant metal
  • Precoproporhyrin/Coproporphyrin ratio lower than reference range when Coproporphyrin is elevated=either lead or arsenic is present

So science is caught once again proving a connection between autism and heavy metal toxicity, but ever so carefully sidestepping the issue of a direct relationship that might actually assist parents in getting the help they need.

Good thing this is something we can do ourselves.