Parasites: It’s that Time Again

An Ikea garlic press, with pressed garlic.

Just in case the holidays have distracted you, its a little reminder.  It’s Parasite time again.  The full moon is coming in 4 days so if you were waiting for it to begin your next cleanse, the time is now.


Parasitic infections are acquired naturally through foods, other humans or animals. They can  be contracted by playing in soil or walking outside barefoot.  Pets can carry parasites and transmit them to your child if they are not treated for parasites periodically.   Parasites cause disease or illness in our bodies. They contribute to nutritional deficiencies, malabsorption and intestinal dysfunction. Parasites release waste products into your child’s body that can affect health.


Signs that your child needs a cleanse:


Chronic Constipation
Digestive Problems
Abdominal Pain
Mucus in the Stools
Leaky Gut


Itchy Nose
Itchy Anus
Itchy Skin
Allergic Reactions to Food
Weeping Eczema


Mood Swings
Unclear Thinking


Teeth Grinding During Sleep
Bed Wetting
Drooling While Asleep
Disturbed Sleep – Multiple Awakenings




WEIGHT & APPETITE PROBLEMS – Parasites live undetected by their hosts. They rob the body of all essential nutrients (they get the choicest nutrition from the food you eat) and you are left with the fats, sugars, etc. Many overweight persons are infested with parasites, they stay hungry which leads to overeating because of the parasites. Depending on the type of parasite infestation, many people are malnourished, they can’t gain weight, again, because of the parasites.


Nutrition and Supplements


  • Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as those found in refined foods, fruits, juices, dairy products, and all sugars, except honey.
  • Raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, pomegranates, beets, and carrots,  have been used traditionally to kill parasites. In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects. Drink a lot of water to help flush out the system.
  • Fiber, may help get rid of worms.
  • Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacilus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii, and bifidobacteria, one to two times per day between meals) help keep the digestive tract healthy.
  • Digestive enzymes will help restore the

    intestinal tract to its normal state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites. Papain is an enzyme from the papaya plant that may help kill worms when taken 30 minutes before or after meals.

  • Vitamin C (250 – 500 mg two times a day) or, if well-tolerated, much higher doses of up to 6,000 mg per day in otherwise healthy adults — supports the immune system. Lower vitamin C dose if diarrhea develops.
  • Zinc (20 – 30 mg per day) — also helps support the immune system.



Herbs are generally a safe way to strengthen and tone the body’s systems. You may use herbs as dried extracts (capsules, powders, teas), glycerites (glycerine extracts), or tinctures (alcohol extracts).


  • Garlic (Allium sativum)
  • Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)
  • Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)
  • Oregon grape (Berberis aquifolium)
  • Anise (Pimpinella anisum)
  • Wormwood (Artemisia annua)
  • Curled mint (Mentha crispa)
  • Black walnuts (Juglans nigra)
  • Cloves



Before prescribing a remedy, homeopaths take into account a person’s constitutional type — your physical, emotional, and intellectual makeup. An experienced homeopath assesses all of these factors as well as any current symptoms when determining the most appropriate remedy for a particular individual. The following remedies may be used:


  • Cina
  • Cuprum oxidatum nigrum
  • Indigo
  • Teucrium
  • Podophyllum
  • Spigelia
  • Sabadilla
  • Stanum

Symptoms that occur during a cleanse usually appear during the first 7-10 days:


  • more frequent stools (2-3 times a day) in the first week
  • symptoms of irritability
  • depressed, moody or brain fog
  • fatigue
  • headache

In some cases your child may not have any side effects, but a strong reaction implies a more significant infection, which demonstrates a need for the cleanse. Antioxidants and liver support can be helpful when die off reactions are bothersome.