Mr. Sandman, You are cordially invited to…….. move in.

Sleeping baby

Ok so baby number one (working mom)?  He was sleeping through the night by 6 months of age, potty trained at a year and 1/2, broke of the bottle, the Binky, and the crib all in a very timely manner.

Baby number two (working and back to school)?  getting up once in the night for a drink from the tippy cup until 2.5 yr, diaper at night sure, but all else… timely.

Baby number three didn’t sleep through the night until I was pregnant with baby number four.  Freaked out and broke her of night wakings in a couple of months.

Baby number four, I can’t even remember I was too traumatized by baby number five.  (can you say bad mom?)  Probably got her to sleep through the night while preg with baby number five seems to be a pattern by now.

Baby number five?  Say hello to Autism.  Night terrors, won’t fall asleep until midnight, up again at 4am, back to sleep at 7am?  Really?  Three years later we are graced with the unexpected baby number six.

So one is up every two hours and the other sleeps only 4 hours per night.  Now Mommy becomes caffeinated ……. for survival.

We have finally solved number five’s sleep issues (can you say adrenal/ thyroid?).  Baby number six is now a child of three who is “mostly” sleeping through the night.

Now we chelate every weekend, and anemic Mom drinks a pot+ of coffee daily to function, lol.  and I call myself a health coach…  Do what I say not what I do?

Hey, did you know the latest research says coffee is a great antioxidant?  Ya, that’s why I drink it.

But seriously wondering if I will ever again see a decent night’s sleep?